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M1 Finance UK Review

One of the booming businesses in today’s world is online trading. People have realized the fact there are numerous unexplored opportunities in this market.

m1 finance uk review

As the trade continues to grow in popularity, the emergence of brokerage services has also developed. Therefore, traders worldwide look for the best brokerage services and trading platforms to base their operations on. Among the giants of the industry is M1 Finance.

M1 Finance is a trading platform that brings traders and investors together by offering them a unique combination of automated services for investing purposes.

Can You Use M1 Finance in the UK?

Unfortunately, M1 Finance is not available in the UK. When opening an account with the platform, you will have to check some boxes for it to go through.

You are over 18 years old, a US Citizen (or a permanent resident), and you have access to a US Mailing address.

Best M1 Finance Alternatives

There are many UK brokers to choose from. Here is our #1 rated broker:

  • FCA Regulated
  • eToro Minimum Deposit: $50
  • CopyTrading
OPEN ACCOUNTWe recommend shares trading instead of CFDs. eToro Disclaimer: 67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is M1 Finance UK

M1 Finance is an excellent platform for both passive and active online traders and investors. If you are looking to build wealth over time, the platform is the ideal option.

Sadly, M1 Finance is yet to announce any plans to expand its trading services to the UK. At the moment, they are choosing to focus their efforts on the ready US market and try to make the most out of it.

With M1 Finance, traders enjoy a high level of customization, allowing them to develop portfolios that incorporate all their specifications and requirements.

However, it is essential to note that this platform does not offer advisory services.

At the moment, the company boasts of more than half a million clients who manage more than 2 billion dollars collectively. This makes them a top choice for anyone looking to invest and make money out of online trading.

The good thing about them is that they do not charge their clients commission or fees, even when depositing money in their M1 Finance accounts.

This comes as a disappointment to many UK investors and traders who would like to access the eternal features and benefits of the top drawer app.

Most of their services are offered through their app. Some of the accounts you can create include:

  • Individual accounts
  • Brokerage accounts
  • Automated accounts
  • IRAs
  • Trust accounts

You can also benefit from the platform through its fractional shares, custodial accounts, digital banking services, and many others.

What Do They Offer

M1 Finance also offers margin loans to clients. They have a feature known as M1 borrow that allows you to enjoy loans at low interest rates. Basically, you will only be charged a 3.5% interest rate.

Contrary to other loan providers, you won’t need the $25,000 to access the loan. The amount is as low as $5,000, meaning that you can access one even when you don’t have huge balances on your account.

The good thing about their app is the fact that it is available for both Android and iOS. With it, you can acquire a debit card that is integrated directly into the app. Better still, you can benefit from their regular rewards and cashback services, especially those offered in qualified purchases.

Talk about professionalism! There are more than eighty professional portfolios on the platform.

M1 Finance is a hybrid investment platform that combines self-directed trading services with automated investing. The app utilizes pie-based models to let you choose the stocks, portfolios, and ETFs that you would like to invest your money in.

Also, you can select the percentage of your money that you would want to allocate every investment. An alternative to M1 Finance is Betterment.

The M1 Finance platform uses a proprietary trading infrastructure to automate the traders’ trading activities. This comes as great news to investors who would fancy sitting back and monitoring the progress of their investments without having to manage and set trading strategies now and then.

The investment app executes and manages all the trading transactions during the famous morning trade window, starting at around 9:30 a.m. EST. However, if you are their clients and you decide to upgrade, all to an M1 Plus account, you have the luxury of utilizing the afternoon trading window to your advantage. You will be able to trade on the app whenever you want.

One might wonder, how do you upgrade to an M1 Plus account?

There are additional upgrading fees; you will have to pay an additional $125 annually. However, the good thing about the upgrade is that you will have more perks. You can enjoy 1.5% loan reductions, banking advantages, custodial investment accounts, and smart transfers.

In addition to the automated trading processes, you can trade individual securities on the platform. This may even include parts of your portfolio. Other features and services that you get to enjoy include

  • Auto invest savings
  • Fractional shares
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Tax modifications and minimization.

My Personal Experience With M1 Finance

Last year, during a visit to my good friend in the United States, I had the opportunity to try out M1 Finance – a popular brokerage platform that, unfortunately, is not yet available in the United Kingdom. As an avid investor always on the lookout for user-friendly platforms and innovative investment tools, I was keen to see what all the fuss was about.

My friend, who has been using M1 Finance for quite some time, generously allowed me to access and explore his account. Upon logging in, the first thing that caught my attention was the sleek and modern interface. The platform was easy to navigate and seemed to have a perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication. The dashboard provided a clear overview of the portfolio, with various charts and graphs making it simple to track performance and keep an eye on the overall balance.

The platform offers a unique feature called “Pies,” which allows users to create customized portfolios by allocating a percentage of their investments to various assets. This feature enables investors to easily diversify their holdings, and the platform will automatically rebalance the portfolio as needed to maintain the desired asset allocation. I was thoroughly impressed by this intuitive approach to portfolio management.

M1 Finance also offers fractional shares, allowing investors to purchase a portion of a share rather than an entire share. This feature is excellent for those with limited funds, as it enables them to participate in the market and build a diversified portfolio without needing a large amount of capital.

One aspect that I found particularly attractive was the platform’s focus on long-term investing. M1 Finance encourages users to set up recurring investments, which can be a highly effective strategy for building wealth over time.

Assets and Market

Automated Investing and Investing Pies

The app draws many investors and traders to set up investing plans and helps them to monitor the accounts. Generally, working with M1 Finance is like letting your broker run your investment options for you. You can even get the opportunity to focus on other things and responsibilities.

You have to select what you invest in. Therefore, you will create a chart, which resembles a pie chart, but this time with the investment you pick. This includes sticks, ETFs, etc.

Smart Transfers

Smart transfers are the M1 option for you to automate your financial spree. You have the opportunity to set rules so that it can continue automatically. Let’s say you decide to set your smart transfers to keep your balance at a minimum.

There is an option within the M1 Finance app that allows you to acquire loans if the balance in your account drops too low. This means that you will still have the chance to invest even if you are short on money.

Moreover, you can also move your funds into different accounts. The point is, there are so many automation options that can take your financial culture to the next level.

These features give users a more accessible option, mapping them among the best service providers in the market.

Margin Loans

Imagine having an app that you can invest in and still access loans? M1 Finance offers clients loans at a meager interest rate.

Just like other margin loans, their loans do not have fixed repayment reschedules. As long as the records show that you have an outstanding balance, your interest expenses will accrue.

However, you should note that if the value of your account declines, you might have to replace the money you had borrowed. This will depend on the equity that your account has as well as the amount you had borrowed.

Tax Minimization

M1 Finance also offers options to sell positions in a tax-friendly way by using their simplified methods of harvesting tax losses. After withdrawing the money from your account, they can sell assets and later return you to the target allocations as close as they can.

Sales are prioritized in the following order.

  1. Losses to offset the capital gains
  2. ETFs and stocks that have capital gains that last longer
  3. ETFs and stocks that have capital gains that last for a short time

Through this, M1 Finance minimizes the taxes that you would have incurred with your investment activities.

Well, this might not be the same as tax-loss harvesting, but the potential it has is enough, such that you can still save a lot of money without worrying about regulating the taxes manually.

M1 Spend

There are M1 accounts that are entirely digitized, both the checking and debit options. Referred to as M1 Spend, the account allows you to use the card to bypass the fee associated with ATMs, earn extra interest and will enable you to invest your funds on the sideline.

This account is available and accessible to M1 Finance users, even those using the M1 Plus.

However, you will have to subscribe to the M1 Plus package to take advantage of the numerous benefits associated with the M1 Spend accounts. This includes the 1% cashback on the purchases that you make on the platform.

Deposits and Withdrawal

You can deposit funds into your M1 Finance account right after creating a portfolio and start investing right away. The first deposit will support concurrently with your targets and goals set for your portfolio when the next trade comes.

Additionally, since you deposit money on your account, you will notice that they will be equally distributed, depending on your targets.

However, once you deposit your first funds, the future trades will aim to restore the initial distribution of the funds; a concept is known a Dynamic Rebalancing.

The app is intelligent in that it will automatically try to rebalance the portfolio gradually as you continue depositing and withdrawing money from the portfolio. Therefore, if a security goes underweight concerning the target, more funds will be channeled towards this security the next time you deposit money on your account.

For withdrawals, there are different options to send your money from your M1 Finance to external financial institutions. However, you need to know that the platform won’t allow you to withdraw money from your account if you have unsettled securities sales.

If everything is clear and you want to withdraw your money from the account, here is a simple and basic process to follow and access your money.

  1. Open the platform and go to the ‘Funding’ tab. It is located at the top of the website
  2. Then a new page opens. Click on ‘Withdraw.’
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw and confirm. After this, the rest of the processes will be handled automatically by the program.

Customer Support

M1 Finance offers most of its customer services through emails and phone. Here, you will have the chance to communicate with their ready-to-assist agents. These agents have a history of serving customers to the fullest, guaranteeing them satisfaction.

Additionally, numerous detailed FAQs answer most of the questions that traders and customers might be having. This means that there is a high chance that the queries you have are included in these questions. Some of these FAQs have video walkthroughs for better explanation.

However, contrary to other platforms, M1 Finance is not an advisory service. This means that you won’t find financial consultants and advisors. It would be best if you did an extra research line on your own to extend your trading knowledge and see success in the industry.

Is My Money Safe With M1 Finance UK?

M1 Finance is a reliable and trustworthy trading platform. Thus, you should not be worried when you have invested in their services, no matter the amount.

The platform is under constant surveillance by top drawer financial institutions such as Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and Securities and Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

They have also invested in strong encryption and cybersecurity services that ensure every user’s account is safe and secure. Until now, the platform is yet to receive any significant attacks. Therefore, you should feel safe whenever you have some money saved up on their platforms.

3 Reasons Why M1 Finance is a Good Broker

Reason 1

M1 Finance is a worthy and trustable company to invest in. It is like the platform was made for passive investors; the automation option is just unmatched. However, if you are an active trader, you won’t benefit much from M1 Finance.

It is a better option for investors looking for a streamlined, user-friendly platform with low fees and no commissions. Compared to other popular brokers like Robinhood or TD Ameritrade, M1 Finance offers a unique approach to investing that many users find appealing.

Reason 2

M1 Finance is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). In addition, M1 Finance uses advanced security measures to protect its clients’ data and investments. So from a safety standpoint, M1 Finance is a reliable and secure option for investors.

Reason 3

In terms of features, M1 Finance offers a unique investing platform that allows users to create custom portfolios of stocks and ETFs, called “pies.” Investors can allocate their money across multiple pies, automatically rebalance their portfolios, and set up automatic investments. Plus, M1 Finance offers a variety of account types, including taxable accounts, traditional and Roth IRAs, and trusts.

Another group of people who would benefit from M1 Finance is dividend investors, index fund investors, and investors who base their trade on portfolio accounts. With all the safety measures and automation advantages, why not try it out?

Conclusion: M1 Finance UK

M1 Finance is a cutting-edge robotic brokerage platform that you can make the most out of. The hybrid traits are top-tier. Therefore, with the right strategy, determination, and good knowledge of the market, you can succeed with M1 Finance.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to join the platform if you are in the UK.

Betterment UK Review

We labor for money to establish a comfortable life. Money, according to an old proverb, is the most effective motivator. And there’s a grain of truth to it.
betterment uk review

You’re reading this for various reasons, one of which is to gain some financial knowledge. It would be best if you acquired financial expertise to be able to multiply what you already own.

One of the major platforms that can help you invest for a brighter future is Betterment. The US-based investment company offers diverse investment portfolios. Also, their platform has an automatic feature that keeps trading even without your input.

Here is everything you need to learn about Betterment.

Overview: What is Betterment?

Betterment is a financial platform that is at the forefront of the Robo-advisory business. It is a fintech startup established in the United States.

It’s one of the first to use technology to create a portfolio recommendation and automate your investment activity. Its automatic goal-setting feature, which is employed in investments, sets it different from other fintech firms in the region.

This feature enables you to manage your portfolio automatically. This way, you can focus on your other business while the platform handles all of your biddings passively.

Passive index-tracking stock and fixed-income exchange-traded funds are used in this function. The organization employs a global diversification strategy based on a Nobel Prize-winning asset-allocation system— the Modern Portfolio Theory, developed by renowned economist Harry Marowits.

Other tools at your disposal are:

  • Retirement planner
  • Goal tracker
  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Robo-advisor comparison
  • Rewards
  • Refer-a-friend program

To use the platform, you can first synch all of your financial accounts and get a comprehensive overview of all your assets even without investing. Betterment then uses its resources to help you set financial goals and set up investments for each plan. Then the second option to use the platform is creating a portfolio investing in it.

Lastly, you can create a Flexible Portfolio, adding some of your uniquely added ones. Or go with the already structured portfolios in Betterment.

What Do They Offer

Betterment provides tax-loss harvesting as well as a rebalanced portfolio regularly. It offers goal-setting and a variety of planning tools and helps at every stage of the journey. They provide you with low-cost management fees based on your unique risk profile.

Betterment entered the market in 2008. Since then, it has grown to offer more assets and cash management services to its clients after more than a decade in operation.

With various instructional resources and an intuitive and user-friendly layout, the platform is easy to use. As a result, it’s an excellent brokerage company for people who are just getting started with investing.

In April 2020, they replaced the savings product with the Betterment cash reserve that offers higher-yielding returns. This new cash reserve offers a spending analysis plus guidance. It also aids better transfers between accounts in the platform.

In October that same year, Betterment added two additions to its socially responsible Portfolio. A climate impact portfolio and a Social Impact Portfolio.

Betterment also has equity allocations for the Safety Net goal uniquely created to beat and mitigate inflation. It cuts to 15% from a whopping 40% in risk reduction. An alternative to Betterment is Webull.

You can use Betterment both on their desktop website and the mobile app.

Can You Use Betterment in the UK?

Unfortunately, Betterment is not available for investors and users in the UK or any other European country. But you can access and open an account if you reside in the United States of America, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Plans to advance and expand into the EU are still unclear; thus, the only people who can fully reap the fruits of this fantastic platform are solely in those three geographical areas.

Assets and Markets

Since it is an investment platform that offers money management options, here are some of the accounts that you can find under Betterment:

  • Investing account
  • IRAs and 401(K)S
  • Roth IRAs
  • High-yield cash
  • Checking
  • Trusts

These are a blend of both short and long-term accounts. Here is a breakdown of each:

Investing Account

The main goal is to multiply what you already have when it comes to investing. So, whether you are working towards buying a new home, car, or working towards getting your child’s education, investing is the way to go.

Betterment helps users make an informed investment decision based on the goal of the investment. The plans set are built on smart tax strategies.

You can open an investment account for Safety Net, retirement, major purchases, education, trusts, and general investment.

IRAs and 401(k) Account

Betterment strives to make savings for retirement easy and optimized for all their client’s needs. The different IRA types offered by Betterment have a distinct tax advantage, and the team will advise on the best after accessing your finances.

The first is the Traditional IRA, an accessible and tax deductable account that adds to your retirement funding.

The second is the Roth that takes advantage of tax-free earnings and withdrawals. Next, there is the SEP that is an ideal retirement planning account that is for the client that is self-employed and self-reliant.

Lastly, the Roth conversion makes money exchange easier from the Traditional into a Roth IRA within the app.

Roth IRAs Account

A Roth IRA lets you save and invest for retirement and withdraw the funds later on tax-free. When you open this account, Betterment promises personalized investments, trading managed on your behalf, and socially responsible investing options.

This account is flexible with no tax penalties for withdrawals, and you can use up to $10 000 of your earnings on a house down payment. You may also switch the Traditional IRAs and 401(k) into a Roth IRA account.

High-Yield Cash Account

The High-yield cash account is built for cash that you save daily. Once you open this account, your money is insured by FDIC up to $1 Million.

You can move money freely at no fees and earn a 0.03% APY on your cash, five times the national average.

Checking Account

The Checking account is a no-fee account, and you get a Visa debit account to use. There are no ATM fees or overdraft fees. And in case foreign costs are incurred during a withdrawal, the amount is reimbursed to your account.

This account is also FDIC insured up to 250k per depositor. The Checking account has incentives like cashback rewards from notable brands like Adidas, Walmart, Philosophy, Sam’s club, and Dunkin.


When you want to secure a future for your kids, the best way is to open a trust for them. And you can open one in the Betterment app.

The signup is straightforward, the cash flow management is innovative, and the portfolios under Betterment Trusts are very diverse with risk adjustments. Also, the returns are handsomely paying using graphical and visualization tools that help you understand and see the level of growth over time.

All the transactions are transparent, and statements are clear and precise. You can access your account activity online to view the quarterly and annual information and annual tax reports.

Betterment also has five portfolio types, namely:

  1. The Standard Betterment Portfolio with globally diversified stock and bond EFTs.
  2. Broad Impact, Climate Impact, and Social Impact Portfolios. The three socially responsible portfolios. On an environmental and social level, Broad impact stocks are tightly managed and stored. The Social Impact portfolio focuses on companies based in the United States and is committed to diversity. The Climate Impact Portfolio aims to combat climate change by identifying businesses with the lowest carbon impact and using EFTs to avoid companies that employ fossil fuels. Climate Impact includes Green bonds.
  3. Next is the Goldman Sachs Smart Beta Portfolio that attempts to outperform the market.
  4. The income-focused all-bond Portfolio is made entirely of BlackRock EFTs.
  5. Lastly, there is the Flexible Portfolio that is constructed based on the client’s assets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Both deposits and withdrawals on Betterment take an average of 1 to 2 business days for completion. Here are some of the rules when it comes to transfers between some Betterment accounts:

Transfer Between Cash Reserve Betterment Checking Accounts

The daily transfer limit between these two accounts stands at $10,000. Same-day transfers are completed on the same day of application. The cash reserve has no transfer limits, so you can withdraw as often as you want.

However, if you withdraw shortly after depositing, there might be a hold on your withdrawal for up to five business days. Within that time, Betterment staff will get in touch to get extra information from you.

Transfer Between Cash Reserve and Investing Accounts

The limit of transfers between these two accounts stands at five times per day. One transfer may take up to 2 days of approval. Some terms and conditions apply depending on the type of joint investing accounts you hold.

Transfers Between Checking and Other Accounts

Moving money from one Checking account to another also takes a maximum of 2 business days. This is when you are funding an investment goal or moving money to a Cash Reserve.

If the transfer is aimed at a Cash goal account, the daily limit stands at $10 000, and the cash will be available on that same day.

WithdrawalTransactional Limits

  • Daily ATM withdrawals: $500
  • Daily Debit card: $2000

Customer Support

You can reach the customer service team via mail and phone from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Contacting them via email is limited to 11 am to 6 pm.

You can also engage the team via online chat, but that is a privilege only the existing clients get to enjoy. You access the online chat after you have logged in to your account.

You may get financial assistance from the Finacial planners, but it costs $199 to $299. These consultation sessions take place via Zoom through informative video conferencing feeds.

Is My Money Safe with Betterment?

The security features of the Betterment platform are sufficient in that both the site and app are encrypted. The mobile app has two-factor authentication.

Betterment does not have Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) insurance, but Apex Clearing handles all trades.

As long as you don’t have more than $500 000 in accounts and $250 000 in cash, your money is safe. If you do, you might consider transferring the excess to a firm that offers supplementary insurance.

Is Betterment a Good Broker?

Its features have been centered around technology and Robo-advisory early enough. And this has scored Betterment credibility as a trusted platform that you can invest in.

One of the selling points that would convince you to use Betterment is that the minimum balance is $0. The Checking account reimburses you whenever you use the Debit card when the extra fees are charged on the card. You get FDIC insurance on your cash up to $250.

The Cash Reserve is a high-yield account with an earning variable of 0.03%, which offers bucket money for individual goals and plans. You also get FDIC insurance of up to $1 million of your cash in this account.

For these reasons, Betterment is an excellent broker for people who are looking for a platform to help them manage their retirement funds. Regardless, it is cherished by people who are looking to invest and track their financial moves.

The numerous portfolios plus the accounts can accommodate different people looking for a brokerage partner.


Betterment ranks among the top Robo-advisors in the money market, meaning they meet all the requirements of a spectacular platform. You can access them via email and phone.

Their transactional fees are very accommodative for any money-minded person. That said, you should give them a try as they deliver as they have promised. Investors already on the platform attest they made a good decision.

Unfortunately, the company does not operate in the UK, but you can still utilize their services in the US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico


Webull UK Review

Webull is a well-known online brokerage that acts as an intermediary in various financial transactions.

webull review uk

They accept traders from all around the world and have some of the most competitive deposit and withdrawal rates.

Webull is one of the best brokerage services in the USA.

Can You Use Webull in the UK?

Unfortunately for many traders, Webull in not available in the UK. It is yet to establish its services in any European country. Due to laws and regulations, Webull is only present in the US, Brazil, India, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and China.

Best Webull Alternatives

Here is the best UK alternative to Webull:

  • FCA Regulated
  • eToro Minimum Deposit: $50
  • CopyTrading
OPEN ACCOUNTWe recommend shares trading instead of CFDs. eToro Disclaimer: 67% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Webull Review

Webull Financial LLC is a US-based broker company in 44 Wall Street, New York City. The company is a member of the following financial bodies.

  • FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority). This is an independent non-governmental organization that controls registered brokers. It does this by writing and enforcing the rules and regulations set for brokers.
  • SIPC This is the acronym for Securities Investor Protection Corporation. It is a min profit corporation that protects brokerage firm clients that have been pushed into bankruptcy.
  • NYSE The New York Stock Exchange is the largest globally. It is an institution that bases its operations on the total market capitalization of the listed securities.
  • NASDAQ This is an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. This is a global electronic marketplace where people buy and trade securities.

It’s is a fintech startup that provides brokerage services without charging a fee or offering a discount. Since its inception in 2018, the company has been at the forefront of delivering quality services to its clients.

webull homepage

My Personal Experience

As a UK trader, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect trading platform that meets all my needs.

So when I heard about Webull, I just had to try it out – even if it meant borrowing my American friend’s account.

And let me tell you, I was thoroughly impressed. The platform was fast, efficient, and packed with all the tools a trader could ever need.

The real-time market data was a game-changer and the intuitive interface made trading a breeze.

What Do They Offer?

Webull Financial LLC offers security trading services to self-directed customers. The company is a registered broker-dealer under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

They also have an insurance firm. Purchased by their clearing firm, the Apex Clearing Corp, the insurance coverage limit protects the securities and cash, up to $150 million. This means that every customer’s security is subject to a maximum of $37 million. The limit for cash is a bit lower, at $900,000.

The additional insurance does not cover you against losses incurred in the securities’ market value.

Webull UK offers cryptocurrency trading too. To access these services, you do so through an account with Apex Crypto. However, since Apex Crypto is not insured, customers should do enough research to understand the risks involved before requesting the service.

What Set Them Above Competitors

The best thing about Webull is that the services are structured to appeal to the customers and traders. Additionally, they have a strict adherence to ethics, openness, and honesty. Therefore, every customer requesting their services should be at ease since they work with an authentic and honest company.

The internet paved the way for numerous opportunities, which led to improved service delivery across different industries, including the trading one. In addition to not charging commissions, another thing that makes Webull a favorite platform among traders is the user-friendly app.

This makes it easy to conduct transactions the modern way. For example, with this app, you can invest in the stock market conveniently from anywhere. Moreover, you won’t have to pay a lot of money or get charged fees for that.


Laws have made it hard for the company to maintain international investors, especially non-US citizens and residents.

They are only welcoming applications from US citizens and a few other countries. This comes as a disappointment to many traders and investors who would have wanted to enjoy the top drawer services offered by Webull in the UK.

Sadly, Webull is yet to make any public announcements concerning its expansion plans to the UK or the larger European market. So even though there is a promising market in these regions, it remains a mystery whether UK residents will ever use the modernized brokerage service.

Nevertheless, there are numerous alternatives for UK traders to utilize and still get quality service. However, not all of them offer commission-free services. So, it is primarily up to the traders to analyze their options and make an informed decision.

Assets and Markets

As we have seen, there are numerous assets that you can trade on Webull. They include

1. Actual Commission-Free Shares and Stocks

Webull users have the chance to trade actual shares without having to pay a dime for it.

When you log in with Webull, you will see that the platform has included many shares, including some of the leading shares in the country.

It is possible to transfer stocks to and from your Webull account. If you are transferring the stocks into your account, Webull won’t charge you.

However, you should know that your outgoing broker might have a charging policy, and therefore, it is essential to contact them first before proceeding with the transfer.

Webull’s free option works when you are liquidating your positions with your current broker. Also, when making a fund withdrawal from them and depositing the funds into your Webull account.

Nevertheless, if you want to transfer your stocks from Webull to another broker, you are charged a transfer fee of $75 for every transfer. Please note that these funds do not benefit Webull, but they go to Apex, the clearing firm.

The transfer takes 5-7 business days for it to be completed. These delays are expected and may occur if the account you are transferring to differs from the Webull account. Other causes of delays include unsettled stocks, ACH transactions, etc.

2. Cryptocurrencies

Lately, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has been on the rise. Being one of the hottest assets today, Webull offers top-tier cryptocurrency services.

They are a sort out service in the current market. In fact, the list of the available cryptos is growing longer and longer every passing month.

At the moment, Webull supports the trading of crypto such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Ethereum Classic ( ETC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Zcash (ZEC)
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM)

To apply for their crypto trading services, you have to install the latest version of their mobile app or use the desktop app 5.0.

With Webull, you can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies at the minimum rate of $1.

The good thing about their crypto services is that all the crypto transactions, whether buying or selling, are instant settlements. This means that all the balances will reflect instantly, and all your funds are always available whenever you need them.

Additionally, their crypto information is always up to date. They have numerous real-time data analysis, indicators, tools, and customizable charts. These tools keep you informed and always equip you with the tools required to trade crypto.

Webull’s crypto services are available every day of the week, allowing you to trade whenever you want to. The transactions are safe and secure—they have two-factor authentication for extra security plus encryption.

If you experience any problem or feel like you need something resolved, you can contact their crypto health care. It is open throughout the week all year round.

3. Forex

This is another common asset among brokerages. Webull also offers forex services. Many traders opt for exclusive Webull forex services, making it an essential asset of the company. For more significant profit margins, you can opt for leverage.

Deposit and Withdraws


Webull always has its users in mind.


First of all, there is no minimum deposit that you can deposit into your Webull account. This means that if you are looking to trade and invest with smaller amounts, a Webull account is a perfect option for you. This is primarily beneficial if you are just getting started on your investment journey.

You can later add more funds to the account as you gain experience and become more conversant with the platform. This gives you the time frame to learn how to manage your investments. The depositing process is straightforward.

The only transaction costs required from you are those charged by other parties, such as the banks, when sending the money.

In addition to the deposit minimum, there is a requirement of $2000 minimum for a margin account. This is an account where you can use borrowed money to trade.

After depositing using your credit or debit card, the transfer time taken is almost instant. However, if you opt for a wire transfer, you have to wait for several days to get the funds.

It would help if you did not forget that Webull allows you to trade using a single base currency, the US dollar. However, if you send the funds in a different form of currency, it’s converted before the deposit.

Below is the basic process of depositing money.

Step 1- Open a broker account.

You need your details, and then you take a financial test to gauge your knowledge. After verification, you are good to go.

Step 2- Make the deposit

After opening the account, you can choose a suitable deposit method. Next, enter the amount you want to deposit. For bank transfers, you must first include your bank account on the interface.

The name of the bank account must be the same names you used to open the Webull’s account. For credit cards and debit cards, you just need to follow the basic deposit process.

You can also deposit funds using E-wallets such as Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller.

Step 3- Review the Transaction

The time you have to wait before reviewing is dictated by the deposit method. Usually, you will receive an email confirmation.


The withdrawal process is straightforward. To initiate a withdrawal,

  1. Go to the homepage.
  2. Click on the “Transfers” tab.
  3. You will see a withdraw option; click on it.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and press confirm. The amount has to be lower or equal to the available amount.

After completing this process, it takes one or two days for the withdrawal to reflect in your account.

Customer Support

Webull Customer support is available 24/7 every day of the year. You can access these services online with ease.

Webull’s customer support is top drawer. They are always ready and willing to help you solve any issue or problems you face concerning their multiple platforms or transactions.

You can contact their customer care services whenever you have a question concerning their services. Or even regarding the entities within their niche, such as stocks and cryptocurrency. Their customer care service providers will attend to you and ensure that you are satisfied by the end of the session.

Is my Money Safe with Webull UK?

Webull UK is a trustworthy broker. With their strict adherence to ethics and honesty, you should feel secure whenever you invest in their platform. Additionally, the company is regulated by numerous regulatory authorities, making it hard for any inconvenience and malice.

Additionally, the companies are insured under their firm. They also provide a maximum of $500,000 in investor protection and a $250,000 cash limit under the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation) protection scheme.

Is Webull UK a Good Broker

If you are interested in trading, Webull is a reliable platform to trade on. It is a competent and authentic broker where reputable brokers trade on too. It is easy to use, straightforward, and has reliable customer support. Unfortunately, it not available for UK traders.


Webull is the complete package. It has numerous trading opportunities. With a good plan and determination, the platform is good for trading and investment.

However, it does not operate in the UK, but we hope they will soon announce their entry into Europe.